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Orthopedic consultations :

At MGM Medical Centre, patient comes first. We try our best to treat you without surgery, unless your condition demands immediate surgery.

Our clinical experts carefully evaluate you to understand the nature and condition of your medical problem and then recommends you the best possible treatment options that they feel deem suit your condition.

We offer a wide array of advanced non-surgical treatment options that may help you to eliminate the need of surgery to a greater extend.

Physio Therapy and Rehabilitation Evaluation :

Physio therapy plays a crucial role in rehabilitation and recovery. Done usually using manual manipulation methods or electro therapeutic devices like IFT, Ultra Sound, Muscle Stimulation, TENS etc. Thanks to science and technology, now more advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitative tools are available for effective pain management and recovery. We use all possible methodology to bring best results in our patients.

Our Physio Therapy department can handle:

  • All kind of bones, joints and muscular disorders
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Child neurological disorders
  • Stroke recovery and other neurological conditions
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Pre-natal (pregnancy) and post-natal (after delivery) rehabilitation and recovery
  • Geriatric (elderly seniors) care
  • Sports training and Injury recovery  
  • Respiratory disorders

3D Spinal decompression, mobilization and correction therapy :

Decompression treatment is used to help relieve the pain and caused by nerve compression in the spine. For many patients diagnosed

with nerve compression, the simple act of lengthening and stretching the spine with a decompression treatment is enough to relieve the pressure on the impacted nerve root in the spinal canal and reduce the pain and discomfort.

Nerve compression occurs when the vertebrae of the spine are compressed due to age and weight gain, as well as other factors. When lasting pressure is placed on the spine, the components of the spine begin to wear down, causing the development of degenerative spine conditions, such as bulging discs, herniated discs or bone spurs. These spine conditions can cause the components of the spine to move out of alignment, possibly impacting a nerve root in the spinal canal and resulting in severe chronic pain.

Spinal decompression therapy works by gently stretching the spine, separating the vertebral bones of the spine to cause a vacuum inside the discs. This vacuum effect, known as negative intradiscal pressure, pulls the disc back into proper shape and position. Spinal decompression therapy also helps discs absorb the water, oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids they need to begin healing.

Spinal decompression therapy is a drug-free, non-surgical treatment technique for managing chronic back pain and neck pain. When the spine is out of alignment, a slipped or herniated disc may compress nearby nerves, triggering pain. Spinal decompression treatment uses advanced technique to gently relieve this compression. Spinal decompression treatment gently decompresses the spine using precise, computerized adjustments. These adjustments create space for a slipped or herniated disc to return to its correct alignment within the spine.

This FDA approved technology relieves pain by enlarging the space between the discs. The negative pressure of decompression releases pressure that builds on to the disc and nerves, allowing the herniated and bulging disc to eventually go back into normal position. Decompression is the only treatment that is truly most effective for severe cases of herniation, degeneration, arthritis, stenosis and pressure on the nerve root. According to a clinical study performed by the Orthopaedic Technological Review in 2004, said that 86% of all cases experienced spinal pain relief with disc decompression.

We offer very advanced 3D decompression therapy along with mobilization techniques and 3D correction of spine. Our basic concept is that the spine does not stand alone, it is connected all the way down to sacrum and pelvis and spine treatment should start from sacrum. Besides this, strengthening the muscles plays an important role in spine related treatment.  We have a scientific way of treating general back pain as well as serious disc problems.

We use state-of-the-art machine that increases Dural mobility, increases CSF flow, balances autonomic nerve system and in-disc reduction in both cervical and lumbar region.

It operates on 3-Dimensional principles:

Step-1: Mobilization mode for Pelvis, Spinal Muscles and Facet Joint

Step-2: 3-Dimensional decompression mode

Step-3: 3-Dimentional correction mode

Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy (ESWT) :

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive surgical procedure that uses sound waves to stimulate healing in some physical disorders including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, tennis elbow and other musculoskeletal disorders. It is an effective therapy method for tendon and ligament disorders.

EPAT or ESWT uses sound waves (high amplitude pulses of mechanical energy) to breakup infected tissues and stimulating the rapid healing process. Here, high-energy sound waves are introduced into the painful areas of the body. With this innovative therapy approach, pathological alterations of tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles and bones can be eliminated systematically.

The spectrum of indications in orthopaedics was initially limited to Pseudoarthrosis, has later been extended to include plantar fasciitis, insertional tendinopathies, delayed wound healing, myofascial pain syndrome and many more. ESWT is now used to treat a growing number of tendon, joint and muscle conditions. It is also used to treat or heal bone necrosis. It is also found to be effective in treating non-healing fractures.

The beneficial effects of shock wave therapy are often experienced after only 1 or 2 treatments. The therapy eliminates pain and restores full mobility, thus improving your quality of life. In clinical studies, it is observed that EPAT/ESWT, unlike other treatment options, has no significant adverse side effects.

Clinical applications:

  • Heal Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Calf Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Trigger Point Pain
  • Sprains
  • Tendon and ligament damages any  other musculoskeletal disorders

EPAT/ESWT can provide:

  • Mechanical stimulation
  • Activates dormant stem cells
  • Improve local blood flow
  • Improve in cellular activity- release of substance P, Prostaglandin E2, NO, TGF β, VEGF and almost certainly other inflammatory cytokines.
  • Transient analgesic effect on afferent nerves
  • Breakdown calcific deposits (primarily, but not exclusively in tendon)
  • Reversing degenerative process

EMRT- Magnetic Field Therapy :

EMRT is the superior form of PEMF/ magnetic therapy. It uses a pre-set pattern of (patented) pulsed signals (PST) that may be used to stimulate the re-growth of cartilage in the joints, to reduce inflammation and pain, to treat soft tissue damages, improve the bone density.  This patented European device is also used to treat repetitive sports injuries.

The Electromagnetic field produced by EMRT is 0.5-1.5mT strength. These signals restore the bioelectric signal of the body, which was lost due to the age or trauma or other reasons, by mimicking it. It triggers chondrocytes in the body to generate proteoglycan & collagen which forms the extracellular Matrix for regeneration of cartilage between bones. It also triggers the Osteoblast and fibroblast formation.

Theory/ science:

Cartilage and connective tissues help support and protect joints in the body. Throughout life as we perform routine or strenuous physical activities, we place enormous stress on these structures. Researchers have discovered that when these tissues are stressed a low power electrical signal is created. They believe this natural signal tells the body to repair, nourish and replace damaged tissue.

Disease, aging or an injury can disrupt these signals. When this happens, the body is unable to repair the affected tissue, resulting in pain, inflammation and loss of Function.

EMRT, or PEMF or PST, mimics these natural signals, activating the normal healing process and stimulating the growth and repair of tissue. What makes this therapy unique is that it merges traditional and non-traditional medical care. While the therapy harnesses the body’s own ability to heal it-self (a non- traditional approach), the technology has gone through scientifically rigorous clinical trials with successes and patient benefits reported in numerous prestigious medical journals.

Used extensively across Europe, EMRT is a unique form of electromagnetic therapy for healing damaged structures such as cartilage, intervertebral discs, bones, the attachment points of tendons, ligament structures and the articular capsule within all joints. It has also been proven in the treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stress fractures and the mal-union of broken bones.


Treatment goal

The goal is to reach both short- and long-term reduction of pain, improve physical resilience and increase joint function. About 80% of patients receiving the treatment experience significant improvement, with reduced pain and improved joint function.


  • is non-invasive
  • is drug-free
  • is pain-free
  • is effective in 75%-85% of cases
  • has no side effects
  • stimulates cartilage and repair
  • stimulates osteoblast and fibroblast formation
  • Can delay or completely eliminate the need for surgery and inherent risks that go with it.

The treatment is administered in 9 -12 sessions of 60 mins each, conducted under the supervision of a Therapist. The goal is to reach both short and long-term reduction of pain, improve physical resilience and increase joint function.

Electro Therapy (IFT, US, TENS, MS) :

Electro Therapy also known as Combo Therapy is the widely regarded conventional treatment tools that are in practice for ages now. ULTRA SOUND THERAPY, IFT, TENS and Muscle Stimulator individually or in combination helps to combat pain , inflammation and functional impairment that were due to muscular or nervous disfunction.

Exercise Therapies and Electro fitness (EMS) training :

Manual therapies/ exercise therapies are very crucial for long term rehabilitative benefits as these focus on addressing the root cause of the problems. They focus on long term solutions like strengthening and reversing. These exercise therapies keep you vital, rejuvenated, healthy and active without the help of chemical-based drugs. They help to restore the health and fitness of your body and soul which were lost due to inactive and wrong lifestyle, poor postures, unhealthy diet and age. We focus on improving your quality of life and retrieving your lost harmony of life, naturally.

We also offer the trending EMS training or electro fitness exercise training that offer rapid results in terms of core muscle strengthening, size and weight reduction, functional training, endurance and performance enhancement etc.

Exercise therapies also play a pivotal role in sports training and recovery programs.

We offer:

  • Postural exercises
  • Rehabilitative & recovery exercises
  • Advanced rapid fit & recover EMS training
  • Resistance/ suspension training
  • Core strengthening exercise
  • Event based sports training

Nutritional supplements :

The nutrition supplements focus on providing drug free (chemical based), natural (herbal) solutions to address various chronic conditions. Nutritional supplements are essential and proven solutions that offer almost ‘side-effects free’ and almost risk-free answers to various chronic conditions. We strongly advocate traditional ‘kitchen remedies’ for a healthy life.

Nutritional supplements can effectively reduce/ eliminate free-radicals and toxins from our biological system and improve immune system thus helps to bring back balance in life. When given properly along with exercise therapies and bio-feedback stimulation therapies, these nutritional supplements can do wonders to one’s wellness, health and quality of life.

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